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Educator Resources & Lesson Plans

Digital Snapshots is a collection of digital exhibits meant to aid educators when teaching historical topics to students. Whether these topics include Mississippi history, race, natural disasters, or public health, Digital Snapshots offer educators an array of resources for their classrooms.

These digital exhibits include resources that are geared towards middle school and high school students, but can be customized to meet multiple educational needs. Below are links to our current educator resources available through Digital Snapshots. These include lesson plans, activities, historical documents, transcribed historical records, and advice for how to use these documents in the classroom. 

Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission:

The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission (MSSC) was a state-sponsored investigative unit created in the wake of Brown v. Board of Education to combat racial desegregation in the Magnolia State. These educational resources surround segregation/Civil Rights Era Mississippi.

- Mississippi Studies Lesson Plan and Documents

- U.S. History Lesson Plan and Documents

Mississippi State Department of Health Photographs:

The 63 photographs (included in this digital exhibit) capture Mississippi leaders' efforts to combat major health concerns like tuberculosis to malaria, to professionalize the practice of medicine, and to launch early education through home health programs.

- Activity and Documents

The Anti-slavery Alphabet:

Quakers Hannah and Mary Townsend created The Anti-Slavery Alphabet for the Anti-Slavery Fair held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1846. They hoped it would be used in households to inspire young boys and girls to understand the horrors of slavery.

- Activity and Documents

1927 Mississippi River Flood:

The Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927 displaced almost three-quarters of a million men, women, and children, caused 247 deaths, and submerged 27,000 square miles of land. These photographs reveal the destruction faced by Mississippians--but especially the significant damages African American communities faced in the Delta. 

- Activity and Documents